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14 to 19 partnership Search for term 14 to 19 partnership

To deliver the 14 to 19 curriculum, schools, colleges, training providers, employers and other stakeholders necessarily have to collaborate. 14 to 19 partnerships, which build on existing collaborative arrangements between providers, are central to delivering this ambitious programme of reform.

14 to 19 pathfinder Search for term 14 to 19 pathfinder

From January 2003 until August 2005, the 14 to 19 Pathfinders programme developed and implemented approaches to 14 to 19 learning. In all there were 39 collaborative pathfinder groups, introduced in two phases, covering a range of geographical and socio-economic circumstances.

14 to 19 reform Search for term 14 to 19 reform

The 14 to 19 Implementation Plan sets out how the DCSF intends to implement the proposals contained in the 14 to 19 Education and Skills White Paper.

16 to 19 Academy Search for term 16 to 19 Academy

Ministers agreed that of the 200 academies planned by 2010 there should be up to five 16 to 19 academies. These will be established as further education (FE) colleges in areas where there is an educational case for a 16 to 19 academy.