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J8 Summit Search for term J8 Summit

The Junior 8 is a children and young people's version of the G8 meeting and takes place parallel to the G8 Summit. It gives young people the chance to debate, discuss and firmly place their views on the agenda of the G8 leaders.

JCQ Search for term JCQ

The Joint Council for Qualifications works to harmonise and coordinate working practices across the awarding bodies that offer the majority of the UK's qualifications.

JMI school Search for term JMI school

A junior, middle and infant school. For 4-11 year-olds.

Joint service approach Search for term Joint service approach

Where a number of organisations pool resources to provide a service they all need. For example, the Tees Valley Joint Strategic Unit provides a joint service to five local authorities in the north east of England.

Junior school Search for term Junior school

A schools for 7-11 year-olds.