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Term Definition
TA Search for term TA

Teacher assessment / Teaching assistant.

Tacade Search for term Tacade

A charitable organisation working in the field of personal, social, health and citizenship education (including drug, alcohol, tobacco and sexual health issues) for children and young people.

Take-up rate Search for term Take-up rate

The proportion of the identified pool of children likely to attend a particular school who actually do so. Also known as uptake factor.

Target setting Search for term Target setting

A curricular target expresses in words a specific aspect of the curriculum as a focus for improvement. It can be for a whole class, a group or individual pupils and can relate to the long, medium or short term.

Targeted Capital Fund Search for term Targeted Capital Fund

The TCF is intended to meet schools' priority building needs which are too large to be supported from formulaic programmes, and too urgent to wait for Building Schools for the Future.

TC Search for term TC

Technology Colleges use their specialist status to raise standards of achievement and the quality of learning in design and technology, science and mathematics, across all ability ranges.

TCF Search for term TCF

The Targeted Capital Fund is intended to meet schools' priority building needs which are too large to be supported from formulaic programmes, and too urgent to wait for Building Schools for the Future.

TCT Search for term TCT

Technology Colleges Trust. The TCT is now known as the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT).

TDA Search for term TDA

The role of the Training and Development Agency for Schools is to work with schools to help them develop and train their whole school team.

Teach First Search for term Teach First

A programme designed to bring more gifted teachers into challenging schools. Teach First recruits on university campuses in search of the most talented graduates.

Teacher Assessment Search for term Teacher Assessment

In addition to national testing in Years 2 and 6, TA of each child's progress is required. These assessments are made against the level descriptions in the National Curriculum.

Teacher outcomes Search for term Teacher outcomes

In the context of educational research, this is the impact of intervention or experience on teachers' knowledge, attitudes, behaviours or skills.

Teacher Support Network Search for term Teacher Support Network

An independent charity which provides teachers and lecturers with confidential support and counselling from trained and fully qualified professionals.

TeacherNet Search for term TeacherNet

Formerly, the main DCSF website for the schools workforce. Information, resources and guidance which was previously available on Teachernet has now been moved over to Schoolsweb.

Teachers magazine Search for term Teachers magazine

This publication is for the teaching professional. It aims to be balanced, inspiring and useful, with practical solutions and the inside track on Government education policy.

Teachers' pay and conditions document Search for term Teachers' pay and conditions document

This publication sets out the details of, and guidance around, arrangements for teachers' pay and employment conditions in England and Wales, by which schools and local authorities must abide.

Teachers' TV Search for term Teachers' TV

A free digital TV channel for teachers. The channel is editorially independent and aims to reflect the views of the teaching community.

Teaching and Learning Responsibility payment Search for term Teaching and Learning Responsibility payment

Teaching and Learning Responsibility payments can be awarded to a classroom teacher for undertaking a sustained additional responsibility in the context of their school's staffing structure.

Teaching assistant Search for term Teaching assistant

TAs work alongside teachers in the classroom, helping pupils with their learning on an individual or group basis.

Teaching objectives Search for term Teaching objectives

Teaching objectives summarise what pupils should know or be able to do at the end of the lesson or teaching sequence. They are used by teachers to structure planning and they are often shared with children at the beginning of the lesson.

Teaching Speaking and Listening Search for term Teaching Speaking and Listening

Teaching Speaking and Listening is designed to help teachers improve their teaching of speaking and listening so that pupils develop into confident and skilful speakers and listeners. It contains targeted units for self- and collaborative-study, showing effective approaches to teaching speaking and listening in the English classroom from Year 7 to Year 11.

Team leader Search for term Team leader

Member of teaching staff who carries out a performance review. Team leaders work with a small number of teachers to ensure that objectives are discussed and agreed, and that regular and objective feedback is given.

Team teaching Search for term Team teaching

A system whereby two or more teachers pool their skills and knowledge to jointly develop, plan and teach combined classes.

TEC Search for term TEC

Training and Enterprise Council. From April 2001 the Learning and Skills Council took on the functions of the current (TEC) network.

TEFL Search for term TEFL

Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Any course aimed at training participants to teach English as a foreign language can be referred to as a TEFL course.

TEN Search for term TEN

The Educational Network (TEN) is an independent body set up to support LAs in their work of raising education standards.

TES Search for term TES

The Times Educational Supplement is a publication covering the world of primary, secondary and further education, as well as teaching job vacancies.

TESSS Search for term TESSS

The Extended Schools Support Service offers focused support to schools, LAs and others involved in providing extended services in and around schools.

The P Scales Search for term The P Scales

The P scales are a set of descriptions for recording the achievement of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) who are working towards the first level of the National Curriculum (level 1). There is a P scale for every National Curriculum subject.

THES Search for term THES

The Times Higher Education Supplement is a publication for professional people working in higher education and research. The THES was founded in 1971.

Thinking skills Search for term Thinking skills

A teaching approach which emphasises the processes of thinking and learning in a range of contexts. In the National Curriculum, these are: information-processing, reasoning, enquiry, creative thinking, evaluation.

Threshold assessment Search for term Threshold assessment

This provides good teachers with an opportunity to apply for a consolidated pay increase. It is open to all teachers in England and Wales who are placed on M6 of the qualified teachers' pay scale.

TIMSS Search for term TIMSS

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2007 is the fourth in a cycle of internationally comparative assessments dedicated to improving teaching and learning in mathematics and science for students around the world.

TIPD Search for term TIPD

The Teachers' International Development Programme provides opportunities for teachers to experience best practice in international education by participating in short-term study visits to other countries.

Tomlinson report Search for term Tomlinson report

The 2002 inquiry into A Levels and the education of 14 to 19 year-olds, chaired by Mike Tomlinson.

ToR Search for term ToR

Terms of Reference define the roles and apportionment of responsibility in a committee, such as a school's governing body.

TPLF Search for term TPLF

The Teachers' Professional Learning Framework, produced by the GTC, states that school leaders have to work with their staff to ensure that an entitlement to learning and development is a reality for all staff.

TPS Search for term TPS

The Teachers' Pension Scheme is the second largest public sector pension scheme in England and Wales with over 1.4 million members.

TPS review group Search for term TPS review group

Following the Green Paper of 2002, the Group proposed a package of reforms to ensure that teachers are adequately provided for in retirement and to encourage greater participation of older people in the workforce.

Traffic commissioner Search for term Traffic commissioner

One of seven posts appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport with responsibility for licensing operatives of HGVs and PSVs, disciplinary action against operatives and registration of local bus services.

Training and Development Agency Search for term Training and Development Agency

The role of the TDA for Schools is to work with schools to help them develop and train their whole school team.

Training school Search for term Training school

Training schools develop and disseminate good practice in initial teacher training, train mentors and school-based tutors, and undertake research.

Trajectory Search for term Trajectory

Plotting a realistic path towards achieving a target for school improvement over a period of years.

Transfer Search for term Transfer

The transfer of pupils from primary to secondary school (Years 6 and 7). Can also refer to pupils' ability to use learning acquired in one context in another context.

Transition Search for term Transition

The moving of pupils from one key stage to the next.

Transition matrices Search for term Transition matrices

A system used to show the progress achieved in a school and nationally by pupils from each level at the previous key stage to each level at the subsequent key stage.

Transition plan Search for term Transition plan

A plan which should form part of the first annual review after the 14th birthday of a child with SEN, and any subsequent annual review, in order to plan coherently for the young person's transition to adult life.

Travelwise Search for term Travelwise

Travel awareness organisation, providing contacts, a discussion forum, news and updates to promote sustainable transport.

TRIPS Search for term TRIPS

The Research Informed Practice Site is an area of Schoolsweb which aims to make relevant findings from academic research more accessible to practitioners, policymakers and other interested parties.

Truancy Search for term Truancy

Missing school without permission. An estimated 7.5 million school days are missed each year through truancy.

Truancy sweep Search for term Truancy sweep

These are carried out by partnerships of education welfare officers and the police, who have powers to pick up (but not arrest) children who are registered at a school and who are playing truant and take them to a designated area or, sometimes, back to school.

Trust school Search for term Trust school

Trust schools are maintained (state-funded) schools supported by a charitable trust. Like voluntary-aided and foundation schools, trust schools own assets, and the governing body employs staff and set admissions.

TTA Search for term TTA

Teacher Training Agency. Now known as the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA).

Tuition fee loan Search for term Tuition fee loan

A sum of money borrowed by students to cover higher education tuition fees.

Tuition fees Search for term Tuition fees

Fees charged by a college or university to cover the cost of its courses.

Tag question Search for term Tag question

Added to the end of a declarative sentence to turn it into a question e.g. It's a bit expensive, isn't it?

Tailored teaching Search for term Tailored teaching

Teaching that takes account of the needs of specific groups and individuals. The use of curricular targets is an effective way of tailoring teaching.

Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) Search for term Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR)

A significant, specified responsibility given to a teacher, which is focused on teaching and learning that is not required of all classroom teachers, clearly defined in the job description of the Teaching and Learning Responsibility payment holder or requires teachers' professional skills and judgement. See also: Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payment.

TLR Search for term TLR

See Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR).

Tone Search for term Tone

The way an attitude is conveyed in a stretch of speech.

Transfer of learning Search for term Transfer of learning

This is where pupils are able to consolidate what they have learnt in intervention programmes and apply it in main lessons. Transfer is difficult to achieve where a school's approach relies solely on the provision of specific intervention programmes.