Parents as partners: Playing and learning together DVD

Publication date:
Sep 2008
Early years foundation stage practitioner, Guardian, Parent, Teacher
Teaching and learning

Playing and learning together is a DVD designed to help parents and carers get involved in their children's early learning. The DVD is appropriate for use with groups of parents and carers or with individuals, and offers examples of practical ways in which parents and carers can support their children's learning.

The DVD is divided into five short sections:

  • Talking, listening, learning – how parents, carers and practitioners can get involved in children's early learning, both at home and in the local community.
  • Learning with dad – how fathers and male carers can get involved with their children’s learning right from the beginning.
  • Places to go – examples of places where children can have fun and learn outside their own home, and how parents and practitioners can work together.
  • Parents talk – about the real, everyday challenges of bringing up young families, and how getting more involved has made a difference.
  • Where can I find out more? – where parents and carers can go to find out more about early learning and caring for young children, and how they can get involved.

Each section works by itself so that practitioners can decide how much of the DVD they use in any one session.

The DVD is also available in 20 community language versions.

Chinese, French, Polish, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese (DCSF ref: 00108-2008DVD-EN)
Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Turkish (DCSF ref: 00109-2008DVD-EN)
Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu (DCSF ref: 00111-2008DVD-EN)

In each language version, the DVD commentary is dubbed and practitioners can choose whether or not to have subtitles displayed

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