Literacy Plus: Wave 2 intervention programme for Key Stage 3

Literacy Plus is a programme for groups of pupils in Key Stage 3 who are behind with their literacy skills and need additional support to move them from level 3 to level 4 in English. Literacy Plus is designed as a supplement to normal English lessons and links between the two should be planned.

Literacy Plus works in a similar way to Study Plus, its partner programme in Key Stage 4, which has been used by schools since 2006. The guidance includes: how to plan Literacy Plus into the curriculum; essential features of the programme; the role of teaching assistants; the Literacy Plus planning framework; and an overview of the sample Literacy Plus units.

There are nine sample units of work. These are designed to exemplify planning Literacy Plus. The units have been written by National Strategies English consultants working together with teachers and have been classroom tested. They should not, however, be treated as 'off-the-peg' planning that can be used with any class. Teachers should adapt the material to suit their class but stay faithful to the learning obejctives of the units. 

Learning Outcomes

  • To strengthen essential literacy skills.
  • To move pupils quickly from level 3 to level 4 in English and improve their chances of making two levels of progress in Key Stage 3.
  • To help pupils reach the level 1 standard of Functional English.
  • To raise pupils' attainment in other subjects that depend on literacy skills.
  • To strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of the learners so that they can work with greater independence.

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