Secondary Frameworks: Foreword

…all children have the potential to succeed and should go as far as their talents can take them.

…the best way to achieve world class standards is a system in which all children receive teaching tailored to their needs and which is based on their stage, not age.

The Children's Plan
Photograph of Jim Knight MP, Schools' Minister

The Children’s Plan sets out a vision for this country to be the best place in the world to grow up, a world class education for every young person, and the opportunity for every individual to discover their talents and achieve their full potential.

Continuing to drive up standards in our secondary schools is crucial if we are to achieve that vision. So the National Strategies have a vital role to play to improve the quality of teaching and learning, support professional development, and help every teacher to do the best job they can for their pupils.

Since they began, the National Strategies have given a wealth of resources, guidance and support to schools. And as a result we have seen real improvement in learning and attainment in secondary schools, setting their pupils on the path to success.

Now, we must build on those achievements, to ensure that all pupils are making good progress, whatever their starting point.

The renewed secondary Frameworks for English, mathematics, science and ICT are an excellent resource for teachers to ensure good progress for all pupils in these core subjects.

The web-based materials and training combine to offer a complete package for improvement right across the school spectrum:

For senior and subject leaders

  • confidence that schemes of work and lessons are well-planned on a secure understanding of how pupils progress in their learning, and alignment with the new secondary curriculum;
  • a manageable approach to planning, teaching and assessment that will have positive outcomes for your pupils, teachers, and the school as a whole.

For teachers

  • a flexible resource that supports your professional judgment, helping you to plan and review teaching, and to assess pupils' progress;
  • easy online access to guidance and a wealth of resources that you can adapt to your priorities and the needs of your pupils.

For pupils

  • engaging, relevant teaching and learning that can be tailored to their needs and will promote good progress;
  • improvements in skills, knowledge and understanding which they can apply in other situations.

Crucially, the Frameworks will provide the flexibility for schools to make a professional judgment about how they are used, and can adapt them to their own ways of working, their strengths, and the specific challenges that they face.

I urge all secondary schools to make the most of this invaluable resource.

Jim Knight MP

Schools' Minister

May 2008