Planning tool

The planning tool application has been developed to help teachers prepare their teaching plans. 

Alert: a new, improved version of the planning tool was released on 20 May 2008. If you are using the old version (v 4.0) of the planning tool then please download and install the latest version (v 4.10). The old version will not update automatically.

When you open the planning tool the version number displays in the title on the Welcome page.

What does the planning tool do? 

The planning tool enables users to:

  • take words, images and resources from the Secondary Frameworks (or other) website
  • store and categorise these words, images and resources as ‘clippings’ in the planning tool
  • copy clippings or selected parts of clippings into plans
  • share plans with other teachers.

If you have any queries or suggestions for improvements please contact Customer and Events Services on 0118 918 2839, or e-mail