Planning tool

Portable version

Portable version for Windows

Alert: ensure that your version of the planning tool is v4.10 or above. The version number is displayed on the welcome page of the planning tool. To update to the planning tool follow the instructions below. 

Please note that the performance speed of the planning tool is dependent on the characteristics of the USB memory stick and that in certain circumstances it may take several minutes to initially load. There is no indication that the planning tool is loading during this period.

Please read the installation instructions carefully and refer to the attached guidance (for Windows only) if you require more information.

  1. Download the Planning tool: portable version v4.10.
  2. Extract all of the files (bin, planning tool, ProxyConfig, readme)
  3. Save all of the files (onto your USB memory stick). Overwrite any existing files if you are reinstalling the planning tool
  4. If you have a direct connection to the internet then please move straight to step 6. If you connect to the internet via a network or you are unsure then please move to step 5.
  5. Double-click the proxyconfig.exe. Enter your proxy and port settings (connection settings – if you are not sure where to find these, please see Connection issues for guidance). Tick the ‘Use proxy for updates’ option and click ‘Save’.
  6. Double-click the planningtool.exe file on the USB memory stick to run the application.
Note: be patient the first time you run the application as it takes a few minutes to start up. After the initial installation the planning tool will start up quickly.