Introduction to Functional Skills

Publication date:
Jun 2009
Deputy headteacher, Functional skills lead in consortium, Headteacher, Teacher
Continuing professional development (CPD), Initial teacher training (ITT), Teaching and learning
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This module provides an overview of Functional Skills and focuses on teaching and learning. Functional Skills forms part of core training for schools, which currently comprises face-to-face training and e-learning based on four modules and an introductory overview.

The objectives of the Functional Skills module are to:

  • Consider the vision and purpose of functional skills
  • Understand the concepts of applied learning, progression and mastery in functional skills
  • Make links to other training and guidance, including the core modules for schools
  • Provide support for further in-school training and professional learning.

The other modules that form part of the core training address teaching and learning in depth and cover aspects such as Assessment for Learning (AfL) and progression towards mastery.

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  • Introduction to Functional Skills