Behaviour and attendance audit - leaflets in community languages

The Behaviour and attendance strand audit is intended to help schools recognise their good practice and build on it, as well as focus on those areas which warrant further attention. Booklets 2 to 10 in the series are available in various community languages.

For ease of use the relevant pages have been clustered into language packs. Each ZIP file contains individual PDF files from all nine booklets, in the relevant language. The PDF files within the ZIPs are numbered with reference to the booklets.

It may be useful to print this web page so as to retain a reminder of the subject of the booklets:

Booklet 2 – Everyday policies: rewards, sanctions and the promotion of positive behaviour
Booklet 3 – Dealing with consistently poor behaviour
Booklet 4 – Bullying
Booklet 5 – Pupil support systems
Booklet 6 – Classroom behaviour
Booklet 7 – Out-of-class behaviour
Booklet 8 – Curriculum
Booklet 9 – Attendance
Booklet 10 – Links with partners and other agencies

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