Supporting pedagogy: Conditions for learning


A number of resources produced by the National Strategies support teachers in developing the right conditions for learning.

  • The reference set Pedagogy and practice: teaching and learning in secondary schools (Ref: 0423-2004G) contains 20 self-study units covering aspects of pedagogy. Unit 18: Improving the climate for learning (PDF - Ref: 0441-2004G) and Unit 20: Classroom management (PDF - Ref: 0443-2004G), available separately, are of particular use.
  • Behaviour and attendance toolkit units will provide consultants and schools with a comprehensive resource that supports post-audit action plans. There are ten units in all and they cover how addressing behaviour and attendance can create the right conditions to support learning. The final CD-ROM versions of all units are available to order separately. PDF versions can be obtained from this website.