Behaviour and attendance: The impact of a whole-school approach to improve out-of-class behaviour


  • Date: Sep 2004
  • Programme: New Arrivals Excellence Programme (NAEP)
  • Focus: The impact of a whole-school approach to improve out-of-class behaviour
  • Number in series: 14
  • School name: Dartmouth High School
  • Phase: Secondary
  • Key stage: Key Stages 3 and 4
  • Local authority: Sandwell
  • Free school meals (FSM): 14%
  • Ref: 00427-2007BKT-EN

Brief description of the intervention

  • Three weeks in the summer term were identified and a detailed log of every out of class behaviour incident was recorded.
  • All staff, including support staff and administrators, met to discuss out of class behaviour. The in-depth audit formed the basis of the discussions. Key issues were prioritised and potential solutions agreed.
  • 'Quick wins' were implemented immediately:
    • 'meet and greet' became a key focus for all staff
    • bells were reduced to a minimum number.
  • Whole staff INSET on effective starters and plenaries as these were seen as key areas impacting on out of class behaviour.
  • The inclusion centre was redefined as the LINC – Learning and Inclusion Centre – focusing on all issues of inclusion, including an understanding of behaviour for learning and provision for pupils as an alternative to exclusion.
  • Pupils exhibiting poor behaviour are targeted early and given appropriate support and guidance on site before reintegration – one major focus area is out of class behaviour.
  • More effective use made of the Behaviour Education Support Team (BEST) and the development of links with additional outside agencies to address training issues and incidents of poor behaviour.
  • Implementation of a new whole school referral system designed to inform strategic planning to develop and encourage behaviour for learning skills both in and out of class.
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