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Behaviour and attendance: The impact of a whole-school approach to improve out-of-class behaviour


  • Date: Sep 2004
  • Programme: New Arrivals Excellence Programme (NAEP)
  • Focus: The impact of a whole-school approach to improve out-of-class behaviour
  • Number in series: 14
  • School name: Dartmouth High School
  • Phase: Secondary
  • Key stage: Key Stages 3 and 4
  • Local authority: Sandwell
  • Free school meals (FSM): 14%
  • Ref: 00427-2007BKT-EN
  • Staff recognised that all colleagues had a role to play and consistency was the critical element.
  • Significant improvement in punctuality to lessons.
  • Acknowledgement by staff, pupils and visitors that the school has a calmer atmosphere.
  • Fewer incidents of truancy after morning registration.
  • No exclusions in the first half of the autumn term (compared with 18 in the same period last year).
  • Reduced number of referrals for misbehaviour during lessons.
  • After 4 weeks the bells were reinstalled because it has shown minimal impact and staff clearly wanted to return to the old system.
  • An increase in both level 5+ at Key Stage 3 in English, Maths and Science and in % 5+ A* - C at GCSE.
Key Stage 3 SATS 2003 2004
English 57% 60%
Mathematics 61% 64%
Science 56% 65%

GCSE 5+ A*-C from 27% 2003 to 31% in 2004

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