Behaviour and attendance: Using Attendance Panels to fast track to prosecution


  • Date: Nov 2005
  • Programme: Behaviour and attendance
  • Focus: To use attendance panels to fast track to prosecution, raise the profile of attendance with parents and provide the school with a focused approach to poor attendance
  • Number in series: 18
  • School name: Filsham Valley School
  • Phase: Secondary
  • Key stage: Key Stages 3
  • Local authority: East Sussex
  • Free school meals (FSM): 27%

Brief description of the intervention

  • EWS agreed to provide additional resources through a Locum EWO, to support the school in achieving its target of 90% set by Ofsted
  • Locum EWO undertook an attendance assessment
  • Regular late swoops undertaken by EWS, Sussex Police and school staff
  • EWS input into school newsletter highlighting the importance of regular/punctual attendance
  • Presentation by EWS in every Year group assembly
  • School introduced "Red-amber-green" monitoring system with half termly feedback to parents on attendance levels, data to be used to identify Attendance Panel cases
  • Attendance of the EWO at Year 7 intake “meet the tutor evening” to explain the Attendance Panel process to parents
  • Formal Local Authority (LA) Attendance Panels held 3 times a week with 6-7 parents invited to each meeting
  • Using Attendance Panels to fast-track cases of non-attendance to prosecution.

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