Behaviour and attendance: To show how a strategically managed intervention can reduce absence


  • Date: Mar 2005
  • Programme: Behaviour and Attendance (B&A)
  • Focus: To show how a strategically managed intervention can reduce absence
  • Number in series: 17
  • School name: John O’Gaunt Community Technology College
  • Phase: Secondary
  • Key stage: Key Stage 3
  • Local authority: West Berkshire
  • Free school meals (FSM): 3.7%
  • Attendance and its impact on learning is built in as a routine part of all agendas.
  • The status of attendance as a whole school priority is established not least because of the leadership and management from an identified member of the senior team.
  • Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and heads of year now have timetabled meetings. This has resulted in:
    • an improved understanding of attendance issues
    • regular opportunities for an analytical and proactive approach to data
    • consistency in approach and expectation across year groups.
  • Coding issues have been resolved.
  • Rewards system was revisited and revitalised.
  • Senior leadership team (SLT) on duty at the front of school has had a significant impact on lateness.
  • Lates have been reduced as follows Autumn term 03 1.4%, Spring term 04 1.3%, Summer term O4 1.00%.
  • The key messages from the Chief executive are now included in Newsletters as a reminder and are also used at transfer meetings with Year 6 parents.
  • A revised policy is in process of being written.
  • 04/05 target is set at 95% (absence in 03/04 was reduced to 6.5%).
  • Regular review meetings support ongoing monitoring and ensure the focus on attendance is maintained.
  • Ofsted Report March 2004 says: 'Attitudes and behaviour are good and attendance is well above average, because of the positive climate for learning'…'Their attendance is good and they are very punctual'.
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