Teaching and learning in the foundation subjects: Case study

Results of the development work and feedback

For the pupils:

  • improved lesson motivation and enjoyment;
  • increased levels of engagement and pupils remaining on task;
  • increased levels of participation in oral work;
  • a greater appreciation of teamwork approaches to learning;
  • improved ability in identifying how to improve - self-evaluation;
  • higher quality delivery and pupil understanding of geographical concepts;
  • increased levels of understanding.

For the teachers:

  • The results of our foundation subjects development work
  • an extended repertoire of teaching skills and strategies
  • the opportunity to experiment with new lesson approaches and be more creative
  • raise standards of learning
  • an effective insight into how pupils think and understand ideas
  • more effective management of pupil behaviour due to the higher levels of engagement
  • a shared and structured approach to lesson delivery

We also found that it enhanced our personal and professional development.


Whole School INSET provision and feedback

After two terms of trial and development work, the time to 'roll out' two modules of the foundation subjects programme to the whole staff arrived. We decided to begin with 'Starters and Plenaries' as this was how we began our TLF journey. We also chose the 'Challenge' module to reinforce the need for teachers to review the thinking skills incorporated into lesson tasks. This culminated in the provision of a series of teaching and learning workshops to demonstrate how some of the strategies can be incorporated into lessons.

The evaluation of the INSET provision was extremely positive and the feedback from my colleagues, many of whom have been teaching for many years, was very positive:

"It was one of the most interesting and useful INSET days I have ever experienced"

"This was well presented, not lecturing. People teaching us in the way that they teach. Some humour, very relaxed. Well 'chunked' and the most worthwhile INSET recently."

"Bloom's Taxonomy made me realise that we should expect high order thinking skills from our students in the activities we set."

"It gave me a broader understanding of different teaching and learning styles, plus practical ideas for engaging student attention."

"New practical ideas - refreshing to see so much good practice, presented so clearly, positively and effectively. Use the expertise in school for future INSET days."

"An opportunity to discuss and share best practice with colleagues."