Teaching and learning in the foundation subjects: Case study

Next steps

The first of the INSET sessions on teaching and learning brought back real enthusiasm for teaching. The next step is to maintain the momentum that has been generated so that more effective teaching and learning styles are sustained, particularly when the school is no longer part of the pilot scheme. The following points illustrate the range of ways in which we intend to use, sustain and develop activities either currently underway or identified for future action:

  • the incorporation of explicit Thinking Skills activities and more detail on Teaching & Learning styles into schemes of work
  • maintaining a three-part lesson structure into individual lesson plans, with explicit starter and plenary activities built in
  • discussions on developing a policy to formalise the opportunities for peer coaching and sharing T&L ideas on a cross curricular basis
  • rolling out foundation subjects training to other departments within school
  • planning for the next T&L INSET day scheduled for the summer term
  • the continuing development of challenging lesson activities and supporting resources. It is also intended to make greater use of geographical photographs and cartoons, for starters, plenaries and main lesson activities

The key to success is being willing to try out new ideas and to take risks, even though some may not work out. The foundation subjects consultant was invaluable here. Variety is essential to provide pupils with a broad and enriching experiencing of different learning strategies, and it enables them to move to Key Stages 4 and 5 with more confidence. They know which learning styles suit them best and can gain a sense of personal achievement through their use.

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