Cramlington partnership: five schools, one partnership


Northumberland decided that additional support would be most effective if the consultant worked with all the schools in a partnership. This would provide opportunities to strengthen the existing professional working relationship between the ICT coordinators to enable the schools to work more closely together.

Transition between middle and high schools is seen as a major challenge. One part of the strategy to tackle this is the implementation of the sample teaching units of the ICT strand.

All schools in the Cramlington partnership agreed to use the sample lesson plans as a basis for their schemes of work. The main benefits of using the same lesson plans are:

  • ICT schemes of work for pupils are unified ensuring equality of experience
  • Moderation of assessment within and across schools is eased
  • The High school knows what the pupils have experienced
  • Targets for pupils can be set at end of year 8 for transfer into the high school

Joint planning

The High school organised and funded a number of planning days, one every half term. These were attended by the ICT co-ordinators from each school. In addition, the schools met monthly at the training in each of the ICT modules of work. This enabled further dialogue and feedback.

Following the planning sessions, the High school published the units in web format to allow sharing on a wider scale. Currently this is on a CD ROM but the development of a partnership intranet will enable the lessons to be held centrally and updated more easily. Each unit contains the lesson plans consisting of the objectives, an overview, Bloom's taxonomy including which aspects are being covered, as well as the activities and resources, including the starter and the plenary. The resources, such as websites, examples and templates, were hyperlinked from the appropriate section of the lesson. Within the lesson plan, the objectives follow the layout of WILF (What I am looking for) and TIB (This is because). These enable teachers and pupils to judge whether they have met the objectives and help to place the lesson in relevant context.

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